Advice for Beginner Home Movers to N7 Area

Advice for Beginner Home Movers to N7 Area

01 September 2014

Moving for the first time to the area of N7 will be equally stressful and exciting. It’s a big experience for every family, especially if they have just bought a new house there. It’s an investment for life which is a serious step and requires proper preparation. This London area spreads over Barnsbury, Tufnell Park, Holloway and Islington in North London.

If you have bought a property in this area, then you will have a certain timeframe to deal with. If you are renting out, the landlord will give you an exact date too. Whichever way you will be residing, time will be a big factor for your relocation. What is important when you are just a beginner in all of this?

First of all, organization is crucial if you want a time-efficient, stress-free and successful house move. Without a proper plan you will be completely lost amidst all the moving boxes, the packing materials, the important paperwork and the things you need to pay for. Second of all, your budget should be the one guiding you, so you can keep track of your moving expenses and any additional fees you need to pay. Having a solid budget plan is vital for a beginner house mover. One way to do that is by downloading a ready-made plan from the Internet which you can customize adding your own numbers to. Another way is to simply take some time and discuss the budget with your partner or spouse as well as write it down. This is a serious business, so you shouldn’t be doing it alone. Third of all, a budget and a proper plan won’t be enough, if you are ignoring the effects from the house move. The most common effects are on people’s emotions, including your own.

You need to make sure you deal with these emotions on time, i.e. as they happen. Children especially go through a variety of emotions – sadness, frustration, anger, denial and even deep depression (common for teenagers in particular). If you are too busy planning the house move, your children will feel worse than they already do. Make sure you communicate the move, not just give orders. It’s one thing to organize the relocation, make phone calls to the removals company and state your precise requirements. But it’s a whole other thing when your children are having a hard time dealing with this huge change and you are failing as a parent. Don’t make this mistake or it will be extremely hard to settle down and adjust to the new location. Make sure you discuss the moving details not only with your spouse, but with your children as well. Don’t forget that your family is not the only one affected by the relocation. You also have friends and relatives who will miss you and who you need to inform (ideally as soon as things are certain). These are the people who can help you with packing and give you advice for the move.

Don’t forget to find some time for planning the new home design, the space plan and take measurements for paint, renovations and furniture. It’s essential to prepare both sides of the relocation – before and after the actual move.

These basic steps will help you stay focused and well-organized and guide you throughout the moving process successfully.

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