Considering The Safety Aspect Of Office Removals

Considering The Safety Aspect Of Office Removals

01 September 2014

If you are concerned as to how you are going to maintain the correct levels of safety in the work place whilst you are moving office, then you will perhaps benefit from a run down of the easiest steps to follow, to ensure that there is less risk at play during the overall process. You will also find that having them in mind at all times will ensure that you are able to reduce the likelihood of rushing things, or getting it all wrong! The fact of the matter is that being aware of the risks will completely reduce them, as you will be thinking more about what you are doing as you do it.

- When you are planning the removal with the removals company, be sure that they are aware of all entrances, exits, stairs and lifts, or anything else that may make moving things around the building easier or more difficult. You will find that ensuring that everyone is aware of these things will put you in a much better position to get the job done successfully, and without disaster! Have a walk round of the place with the whole team when you get them over to do the inspection and to get a quote.

- Make sure that any staff from your own office are prepped with the appropriate knowledge on safety practice, if they are going to be involved. Ask the removals company about the staff that they use, and be sure that you are getting a team who are experienced enough. Some companies use ‘unskilled’ labor forces, drafted up from temp agencies and brought in on a job by job basis to fill gaps, without requiring a permanent salary. This is to be avoided if possible, as you are hiring a specialist office removal company in order to use their experience, rather than just their brawn!

- Ensure that all collapsable or flat packable furniture is either reduced down to its smallest size, or bolted firmly together, as these things can fall apart quite easily when being carried. Flat pack furniture does not have a particularly long life if moved about a lot, but taking it apart can help this, as it reduces the pressure on the joints that are in place, and can break quite easily.

- You will find that removing any trip hazards throughout the channels that will be used by the removals team will help to reduce the likelihood of any accidents. They can be surprisingly common, and simply getting rid of door mats and clearing up from the packing process will ensure that they are much less likely. You will find that you need to have the place completely clear and ready to go for when the removals team arrive, as otherwise things will take ages.

- One good way to increase the safety aspect of the whole thing is to get the removals company to do the packing for you. This way they will get the place all set up just how they would like it, meaning that you are not worrying about doing things right or wrong! You can give your office staff a few days off, and let the removals team come in, and do their thing. The process will go by a lot more quickly, and you will have a lot less to concern yourself with, and the increase in price is often pretty agreeable! Be sure to at least look in to this option before you go ahead.

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