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How To Pack Your Fragile Items And Avoid Any Damages

How To Pack Your Fragile Items And Avoid Any Damages

06Oct 2014

Even when you hire professional companies to handle your removal boxes, there is always a risk of your fragile items getting damaged. It is always a worry for most people because they don’t want to lose their sentimental items. However, with these amazing tips that are easy to follow, you can make sure your fragile belongings do not get damaged during their journey. They can be kept safe and sound as long as you pay attention to the following steps in order to keep your fragile items safe. Here you are.Start with the right toolsIt is always best to start with the right packing materials. So, you will need strong and sturdy boxes – and plenty of them; you will also need strong tape; and bubble wrap too. Make sure you have all your packing tools before you begin. It would also be good to get hold of storage containers with handles. This makes it much safer when moving fragile items instead of placing them in normal cardboard boxes without handles. There are also things around the house that will come in useful for packing – paper, old socks, and blankets.Start packingNow you’ve got your materials ready, you are ready to pack. Start off by lining your box. Line it with newspaper and then shredded paper and make sure your box is lined well so it makes a good foundation in which to place your fragile items. Next, pack each item separately in brown paper. This will stop them for breaking each other inside the boxes. Now start placing items into the box – start with heavy items and then light items. Bubble wrap is good to be used on glass objects like glasses. Make sure you don’t over fill your box. Only fill three quarters of the way, or until the box starts getting heavy. Seal and LabelAs you pack each item, write down the item that has been packed so that you have a list in front of you stating what has been packed and what has not been packed. This will just make things easier for you and less complicated. Once everything is inside the boxes, use a durable tape and tape each box up really well. Make sure it is sealed securely. Then, you must not forget to label each box. In big letters, write ‘FRAGILE’ on each box containing fragile items. It might be worthy using arrows to indicate which side up the box should be. This will make sure the person is handles it knows how to handle it properly so that damages do not occur. So there you go. It isn’t that hard. It is also worth considering leaving a little space at the top of each box and filling that space with paper and tissue paper to further protect your fragile belongings. This will ensure further safety so that nothing gets damaged. If you have any old shredded paper, that would work too. You will find that packing does not have to be really expensive. Most of your packing materials can be found around the house in fact. The main thing that is important is that there is enough cushioning in the box and between fragile items so nothing gets broken. As long as you follow these tips and the movers are aware that they need to handle the boxes with care, your fragile items should arrive to you in the same condition you left them in.

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