Is Moving into an Unfurnished Flat Right for You?

Is Moving into an Unfurnished Flat Right for You?

02 September 2014

There are pros and cons when it comes down to choosing a furnished or unfurnished flat to rent, and its best to be fully aware of what these are before you commit to signing a contract for 6 months to a year. Below is a summary of some of the advantages and possible downsides to moving into an unfurnished apartment which can help you decide on whether it’s a suitable option for you when researching potential properties.

The first thing to note about unfurnished flats and apartments, is that the rental price is usually cheaper than a furnished alternative. However, although the rental costs may be cheaper, you’ll need to weigh up how much you might have to spend on essential furniture and items that you might not have with you when you move. Some of these costs can be offset by purchasing second hand goods, or shopping around for good deals on items you need. One potential disadvantage here though, is the added hassle of getting hold of these goods. You might simply prefer to pay a little more rent for a fully furnished apartment and have everything you need as soon as you move in.

Another related aspect, is that unfurnished properties require a bit more effort to move out of, once you have bought your own furnishings. Conversely, this can make the move in a lot less hassle, as you will have plenty of space to decide where you want to put everything. However, the freedom to do what you want may be just what you’re looking for, and can be worth the effort. Often, you will be able to decorate an unfurnished flat as you see fit, and won’t have to worry about losing your security deposit if any of the furniture gets damaged for any reason.

Sometimes it can be frustrating moving into a furnished flat, especially if there are lots of pieces of furniture or clutter that you aren’t allowed to move or get rid of. In some cases, the landlord may agree to remove unwanted items, but by moving into an unfurnished flat, you can have as much or as little furniture and clutter as you like, without having to answer to anyone, and replace/remove items as much as you like.

One other aspect to consider is how choosy you can afford to be. If you need to move in a hurry or have a set time period, it can often be a lot easier finding unfurnished apartments, as they tend to be more commonly available than fully furnished ones. You can get a good idea of what is available by checking with your local estate agents.

Overall then, the difference between a fully furnished and unfurnished apartment is really down to how much freedom and choice you want when moving into a new home. This will often depend on your circumstances, both financially and what you’re living preferences are. It may be more trouble than its worth moving into an unfurnished property for a short period of time, for example, and could cost you more in money and effort than it’s worth. That said, if you are planning on staying in your new home for an extended period of time, having the freedom to furnish and decorate as you please can be well worth it, and if you make good use of internet sites that sell household goods, as well as keeping an eye out for bargains at the relevant retailers, you’re new home can be as individual as you desire without costing an excessive amount of money.

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