Last Minute Packing For Your WC2 House Removal

Last Minute Packing For Your WC2 House Removal

02 September 2014

Exciting times, eh? You’ve just bought your WC2 property and the moving date is looming. The problem is while it may be exciting it’s also quite daunting – there’s just so much to do, right?

Well, we’re here to help so don’t panic. The first thing to do is to get yourself organised as soon as you can (preferably before you’ve even got a confirmed moving date if possible). Every household has a lot of non-essentials that can be packed up early. Okay, it may mean that your home doesn’t feel quite so…well…homely for a while but it is only temporary and it will help in the long-term.

Here are our suggestions for a stress-free (almost) WC2 move:

• You’re going to need boxes – lots of boxes. You’ll be amazed just how much stuff you will have amassed over the years. The boxes need to be strong (the corrugated ones are the best) and you will need an assortment of different sizes. We’ll explain more about this later in the article. You can buy specialised boxes (available online) which are specifically designed for packing to move house (these maybe especially useful for any fragile and valuable items that need to be looked after in transit). However, these can be expensive so it may be advisable to make friends with the manager of your local supermarket. They may be happy to keep boxes for you to use.

• You’re also going to need bubble wrap – lots of bubble wrap.

• Start collecting newspapers as soon as you can as these are a useful way of protecting your fragile ornaments – just be warned newspapers can leave print marks, so you may also need to purchase some tissue paper to provide a barrier between the newspaper and your treasured possessions.

• You will also need strong packing tape to secure the boxes once full.

• We also recommend that you buy a few good marker pens. It is important for your removal company WC2 to know which room to deliver each box to when they arrive at your new home. So, remember to label each box with a brief description of the contents and note which room they should be placed in at the other end of their journey.

• It is also a good idea to have a grading system for the importance and urgency of the contents of the boxes so that you can access what you need just after the move easily.

• In addition, if you have a box containing liquids like bleach and cleaning fluids it is wise to pack them upright and mark the box with arrows so that the removal firm know that this box needs to be stored carefully. The last thing you need is for your expensive art collection being ruined by a leaky bottle of bleach.

• Try to avoid making boxes too heavy as this could cause the boxes to split and you could end up having to collect your possessions from the footpath. So, if you have a full library of books to move it is preferable to place them into smaller boxes to minimise the possibility of them becoming too heavy. Alternatively, you could split the books up and place them at the bottom of boxes with lighter items placed on top of them.

• If you have items of larger furniture which need to be dismantled do this well in advance of the move if possible.

• Finally, remember that you are going to need certain items almost as soon as you arrive at your new home. Both you and your removal team are going to be thirsty so we’ve put together a check-list for the ‘needed immediately’ box:

• Bottles of water
• Tea/coffee
• Sugar
• Milk
• Kettle
• Washing up liquid and sponge
• Tea towel
• Cups/plates/glasses/cutlery
• Tea towel
• Pain killers (moving house can be very stressful and headaches are likely as a result)
• First-aid kit containing plasters and antiseptic creams
• And our final recommendation? Why not have a bottle of bubbly to celebrate your new start!

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