Moving House To EC1 – Where To Start

Moving House To EC1 – Where To Start

02 September 2014

So you are moving house to the London area with postcode EC1? Do you know the first things that you need to take care of to ensure a successful house move? If you don’t, then the following guide will give you the essential steps when starting the moving process.

First, understand that a house move is a big undertaking – you need an adequate budget, a schedule, a space plan for the future home, plan for packing and unpacking, a rental moving truck, careful planning and you also need to deal with the emotional side of the relocation which will affect the whole family. A house move isn’t just about the logistics. If you want a safe, easy and stress-free house move, you need to take care of all the details in advance.

Second, one of the first steps is actually informing your family, friends and relatives that you will be moving house and dealing with the thought yourself. Amidst all the worries and the frustration regarding the move, don’t forget that it’s normal to feel sad and stressed, but you can choose to ignore these feelings or cope with them when they come.

Third, you don’t have to start pulling your hair, even if you are pressured by a deadline and you have no idea where to begin. The first step of the moving preparation is to prepare a good checklist and discuss the budget with your family. This will help you determine what part of the EC1 move you can do yourself and what should be paid for. Professional assistance is recommendable, but not the only way to do things.

It’s essential to understand that moving house is like starting a new life and therefore an opportunity to get rid of your house clutter and all those old and unwanted items that you never even use. The fewer items you have for transportation, the more you can save up – from packing materials, fuel, time, etc. Start collecting the supplies that you will need for packing – cardboard boxes of various sizes, paper, packing tape, stretch wrap, moving blankets, straps, bubble wrap, etc. Pack the non-essential items first and always concentrate on one room and box at a time.

Being organized through the moving process will be quite helpful for the after-move time, when you have to unpack and arrange all your belongings in the new house. If you have managed to label properly you will know which boxes to open first, which to stack away and which to be extra careful with when carrying around.

Keep your inventory list at hand throughout the moving day and after, so you can check whether everything is intact after the transportation. You need to check the items so you know whether to claim insurance. Moving house to London will be both exciting and overwhelming at times, but remember that millions of people have done that before you, so it’s not something to be terrified of. With detailed organization and enough thought you can manage successfully with this challenge and settle down at your new house in no time. The first few days and weeks after knowing that you have to move are vital for setting the right attitude and taking care of the moving details, so don’t waste them.

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