Moving to a New City – What Else Needs Moving?

Moving to a New City – What Else Needs Moving?

02 September 2014

It’s exciting, isn’t it? Moving to a new city, all those possibilities can lead to new challenges and opportunities, as well as the obvious excitement of a new house, perhaps a new job and definitely new friends. Hey, even the new local bar is going to be more exciting than the old one you’ve become far too accustomed to. However, whilst you’re moving, and even though you have a million and one things to think about, you should also be considering what else you could be moving. Now is the perfect time to address what services you use, as well as the important things which will have to be moved along with you.

Health services

You definitely need to be moving your health services if you’re relocating. You will need to register at a new doctor and any other health services you regularly require, so you should have your NHS number and any documents ready to get registers. However, dentists are much harder to find, and you may prefer to stay where you are. For dentistry it is less of a problem to stay where you are if they allow you to remain a patient despite the new address. If it’s not too difficult to get too it should be easy to keep yourself on the books for those twice annual check ups. However, if you often have difficulties with your teeth, you might want to look at a practice closer to home to avoid getting any serious problems. Of course, you will need to notify them of the new address ASAP.

Car and license

Your car will need to be registered in the new address, and you will need a new photo licence after moving to a new house. These forms can be quite a pain to get, fill in and post off, but it is imperative you do this whilst moving as if you get caught with a different address you could be fined, and you may be in breach of your insurance policy. All too often, we forget these little things and go far too long not realising we’re committing a crime. Whilst you’re moving home, it’s the perfect time to look at your car insurance provider, even if it’s not up for renewal. A simple change in post code could take hundreds of your annual premium, and every small thing makes a difference. Perhaps you now have a drive, live in a better area or will massively reduce your mileage by being closer to work. It could financially be worth you moving insurance company and paying a cancellation fee, but for everyone, it’s great to know what you’re options are as this new house could mean cheaper insurance. Unfortunately, it may increase the price, but not declaring your address when you move is illegal.

Bills, bills, bills

Again, whilst making all those calls to companies to change your address, you could be doing yourself a dis-service, and loosing hundreds of pounds by simply moving those providers to the new house. Look at all your outgoings, internet, phone, TV, gas, water, everything, and spend a day or so comparing prices with the new address. If it’s the same price or less, great, let them know your moving and wish to continue the service, if it’s even a couple of pounds cheaper with someone else, cancel and move to the new company.

Whilst looking at your accounts and having a good understanding of what your spending on bills, you could use moving house as a great incentive to get into good habits to cut bills. Or, invest in products such as insulation or get state of the art double glazing to cut the costs over a longer period of time. When moving home you will inevitably have odd jobs to fix up the house, adding on the costs of such changes which will cut bills will be worth it in the long run.

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