Renting the Truck for your Move to N1

Renting the Truck for your Move to N1

02 September 2014

Moving to the London area of N1? Get ready for a challenge that needs to be well planned and organized. A house move is always tough, so you need to realize that the responsibility to sort everything out lies on you. If you want to move your household on your own, then you need to start planning each step of the way well in advance. Whether you are moving across the city or across the country, you will need a large moving truck, a trailer or a van in order to transport all your household belongings. It depends on the amount of your shipment and the distance of the relocation. Here are the most important points you need to keep in mind when you start doing your research for the rental truck.

• The Destination of Your Move: Most truck rental agencies will take care of your needs when you are moving across the city. However, when you need to do a long-distance relocation, the costs will be higher and it’s better to trust the professional truck driver with the transportation, as there is a bigger risk for your belongings. Ask whether the cost is for one-way or two-way trip.

• The Size of The Truck: Every agency for rental trucks should provide you with a size guide. In general, if you have a flat or a house with more than 4 bedrooms, you will need a moving truck that’s at least 26-foot. For a small flat you could utilize a 10 foot truck, which is considered a mini one. The rental agency can send a representative to your house; this expert can estimate the amount of your shipment and decide what the right size for your relocation is.

• The Time of the Move: Depending on the moving day you’ve chosen, you might need to book the truck a few months in advance. The peak season for all moves is between May and September, so keep that in mind when planning yours. It’s wise to book the truck a few months in advance. With an early booking you might even get a discount. Most people move house either at the beginning or the end of the month and mostly at weekends. This is the time when the costs are much higher than usual.

• The Additional Things: Do you need to move your car along with your household items, or will you drive it to the new location? If you have any vehicles to move, such as snowmobiles or motorcycles, you will need a trailer rental for that.

• The Insurance: A moving truck rental agency should be able to provide you with additional insurance, which is calculated based on the days the truck is on the road. Before you pay for additional coverage, ask what exactly it will cover in the case of an accident.

• Other Needs: Will you need moving blankets, pads and dollies to load the furniture pieces and the moving boxes inside the moving truck? If you haven’t rented out or bought those yet, talk to the rental agency and ask if they can provide you with these supplies. Remember that the safety of your belongings is of primary importance. Use protective padding for valuables, breakables and artwork. Get some specialty boxes for mirrors, lamps, dishes and electronics.

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