Save Money by Hiring Croydon Man with a Van

Save Money by Hiring Croydon Man with a Van

02 September 2014

A man and van service Croydon can be an affordable, informal and approachable way to help tackle your move in an easy and stress free manner. There has been a surge in people using these services, and indeed a surge in people becoming part of the removal industry, so it is vitally important you choose someone who can offer the highest quality service for a reasonable price. There are a number of things to consider and some simple techniques to ensure your man and van service doesn’t cause more grief than assistance are listed below.

Firstly, price is not the be all and end all of Croydon man and van services. Though the financial setback is comparatively small compared to the cost of a full blown removal service, the absolute cheapest offers are often cheap for a reason. Many who are new to the man and van business will look to undercut competition. Inexperienced removal men are more likely to damage your goods in the move as well as having less knowledge of the local area (and the moving process in general). This may add stress onto your moving day unnecessarily, and for a few extra pounds you could allow the move to become a much smoother process.

Beyond inexperience, there are a host of other reasons why the cheapest service may not be the best option. Often these types of services will look to find additional ways to charge you for their presence. If charging by the mile travelled, they will often find creative routes to your house that add extra pounds onto the move, or if they charge by the hour can often oversell how quickly a job can be done. In the heat of moving day it is something that can easily slip your mind, and ultimately is unchangeable once the situation arises, so it is important to choose a service prior to your house removal Croydon that won’t land you with unexpected add on fees.

Furthermore, many of the more up market man and van options will look to provide a basic insurance. This will mean that any damages or breaks that occur whilst your property is in transit or is in the hands of the people you have employed will be covered by them. Not only is it nice to have insurance, but the peace of mind provided by the fact your Croydon removal men are confident enough to offer this bonus perk will be a welcome comfort on your moving day.

It is important to have contact with your Croydon van and man service too. Call or meet in person and have an extensive chat about your needs, the amount of furniture, the time scale you are looking to hire them for and all other issues. Obviously it is important for both parties to be fully aware of the specifics of the task, but you can also see how your potential assistant reacts to his work. Someone who is prepared and able to swiftly answer all your questions is likely to be experienced, and an outgoing, friendly and helpful individual is likely to provide a personal but professional service. After all, these people will be handling your dearest possessions all day, so it is important to establish a friendly and candid relationship with each other to ensure both parties can leave satisfied at the end of the day.

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