Thinking About Moving Abroad – It Is Cheaper To Hire Storage WC1

Thinking About Moving Abroad – It Is Cheaper To Hire Storage WC1

02 September 2014

Moving abroad is a tough decision to make for anyone. It is a complete upheaval in lifestyle and adds a number of expenses onto a regular move, making it one of the most expensive things you can do. With complicated legal procedures surrounding employment, residential eligibility, visa’s and children, alongside the regular stresses the housing market can throw at you, perhaps it might be best to follow a policy of “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to your possessions. When moving abroad, the benefits of hiring WC1 storage are many. Obviously shipping is expensive and a self storage unit may work out cheaper to rent, but there are many benefits to WC1 self storage than just the price.

Firstly, the nature of your move may well influence what you wish to do with your belongings. Many people move abroad for a certain period of time rather than indefinitely. This may well be the case if you are a student (particularly a language or international relations student), or perhaps travelling with work on a fixed term contract. This could mean that your journey abroad is only a matter of months and taking all of your belongings for such a short period of time, as well as the long packing and unpacking process, may seem both expensive and unnecessary. Even longer stays may well be sporadically interrupted by trips back home in these cases, and this makes WC1 storage hiring a reasonable and frugal option when considering your move abroad.

Beyond this, a move abroad is always going to be a risk, and in many areas of your life could be riddled with uncertainty. This uncertainty could manifest itself in a number of ways. Firstly, this may well be an impromptu move, something in the spur of the moment. Though risky, there is nothing wrong with this and it can often be the change that can kick start a change for the better for many people. However, this doesn’t mean you should neglect planning completely just because it has been done on the short term. Spur of the moment moves can work, but sometimes they don’t, so perhaps hiring self storage and allowing yourself a trial period in your new country before fully committing would be sensible. This could offer you a lifeline if your move doesn’t work out and makes financial sense. Likewise, a move abroad’s success can often hinge on whether employment can be found. If you plan on moving without a prior work contract in place and the worst happens then moving back would be made a lot cheaper if all of your possessions are still in a secure location.

Though, especially when moving to the EU, there are no fees to be paid to bring goods into the country (because it is assumed that VAT will have been paid for the item somewhere in the European Union), this doesn’t mean that the cost of shipping your goods will be cheap. By comparison, self storage not only offers a cheap alternative, but also a convenient one. Storage solutions nowadays is a large industry with many competitors and this competition creates a great service for you, the customer. Firstly, your possessions are more secure than ever. Security cameras, regular patrols and key cards are often supplied to make sure that your possessions are kept safe from theft. There is also a large list of banned substances which means that other lockers are less likely to be able to cause damage to your items. They are also convenient, as you can keep your items in storage for as long as you want and little notice is needed to withdraw your things. All of this makes a storage locker a safe, secure and frugal option to consider when moving abroad.

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