Often, when trying to pick a specific date for your SW12 removal, you are the victim of circumstance. This circumstance could be that you are part of a large chain of buyers and there is only one day afforded to you, it could well be that the removal company only had one slot available and you took it or it could be that family and friends only had one day where they were all available to help. Whatever the reason, it is rare that your SW12 removal day is completely in your control. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should let the day be picked at random. If you are lucky enough to have a choice of days, there are many things that must be considered.

Firstly, you will most likely want to be wearing long sleeves and full length trousers to make sure that any cuts and scrapes to the arms and legs during the SW12 removal process are prevented. This also means that you will have to consider the weather. Don’t go moving in a heat wave! Not only will you be unable to wear any protection in the form of clothing, sun burn also presents a real threat, as well as a hot day enabling a miserable and lazy moving environment. This could lead to the damage of your goods or a lack of friends and family turning up to help out.

Saying this, obviously you don’t want to move in the middle of winter either. The cold weather will also make for a unsatisfactory moving experience, and everyone will be so keen to get out of the cold that your possessions won’t receive the attention they need. You may well get a subpar service from your removal company. Also, wet or slippery outside surfaces will be very dangerous at this time, especially when trying to carry heavy items or getting complacent when doing the same short walk over and over again. In short, though the British weather will rarely do you any favours, try and find a nice climate to move in, preferably a nice spring or autumn day. Something that isn’t too hot or too cold.

The weather isn’t the only thing to consider when picking your moving day. There are a number of other factors to consider. Firstly, removal companies tend to charge higher rates at the weekends, so moving in the week may not only be cheaper, but also ensure less traffic on the roads. This idea also extends to moving at busy times in the day. The school rush and rush hour can complicate a move, trying to move at mid morning and early afternoon is the best time to complete a removal.

Furthermore, remember to check for out of the ordinary events in your local area. Check through a local paper to see that there isn’t anything occurring that may well hinder your move. This could be a summer fete, a charity event or just a road closure – being prepared for all of this makes sure you can pick the best time of year to move. It is also important to be aware of bank holidays and the school holidays. These times see more traffic on the roads as people seek to go away or have family days out, and more erratic and less predictable road behaviour in these times as people take time of school and work and are allowed to travel at their own leisure. Trying to avoid all of this gives you the best possible chance at a successful move.

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