The special atmosphere the art and the artists are creating can find its place everywhere. Even on the most impossible spots, that seem far from its essence. People may think that the district of the central part of London are only for business, entertainment and shopping, but actually there is one area, that is hosting those who are attracted from the art and are creating it. If you head in north- eastern direction from the famous Charing Cross you will get straight to this district of the capital, called Shoreditch.

The story of the area becoming part of the Inner City of London is not so different from the other regions surrounding. Once it was outside the walls of the central part, but with the growing of the town and the change of the vision for distance it soon became part of the heart of the town. What is now home for many artists was just a zone, formed from several houses gathered in circle around the famous church with the same name as the one of the district.

Through the last ten years it is no secret for anybody that the area went all the way from cheap and simple residential area, of which nothing interesting could be said, to a an cultural and art center, formed by the same poor artists, that were before attracted by the affordable conditions for living there. People now often compare it to the Nothing Hill area and are claiming that it is on its way to become the same. The streets of the district are like a small maze of galleries and antique shops, that will make you feel nice once you visit them.

Like it became obvious the area is very much connected with art. That is why it is very possible for a person to have to move pieces of art to or from this side of London city. Considering this it may be useful to know some essential things that will help to prevent the transported things from damages.

Professionals strongly advice to take the canvas out of the frame and transport it that way. It is much safer though it looks too difficult. Hire a trained person to help with this step if you do not feel you are prepared enough for this move. Then after this is done the canvas have to be rolled like a pancake and put in a special cylinder box, which will protect it during the moving. Keep in mind that you do not have to seal the ends of the box too much, so it will be then impossible to be open for check. If you are planning to fly to this part of London, you should provide access for the authorities to see the canvas. There is nothing special about this procedure and it is usual thing to be done from the airport security authorities for fine art pieces and any valuable items.

After the canvas is safe, you can wrap the frame with a packing paper. It is the easier part of a picture to be prepared for the removal. Even if it gets damaged, it can be easily replaced, but you will hardly restore an old canvas.

For too old paintings this method for moving is not proper, because the canvas can be damaged during the dissembling from the frame. When you have to move the painting in its original look, use a professional moving company, that offers this sort of services to help you out with that task.

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