Packing delicate items is an important part of moving, and whether it’s a relocation to your new home in Finchley or somewhere outside of N2, following these pointers can help increase the chances that your valuables reach their destination in one piece, and don’t end up being another moving expense.

Put your valuables to one side

When drawing up your packing plan or organising your belongings for packing, make sure to keep all your valuables to one side. Get the strongest and most secure boxes you can, and keep them with the valuables ready for packing. This way, you can avoid mixing any precious items into other boxes, where they might get overlooked and damaged.

Label boxes clearly

Before you pack any valuables, make sure the boxes you are using for them are clearly labelled with fragile warnings, and this way up if necessary. It can also be helpful to use a different colour of marker pen or label for the especially delicate items, so they don’t get packed in and under heavier and more durable boxes when loading your Finchley removal van. It’s also useful to designate which room the goods are for, such as ‘fragile! Glassware for dining room’. This way you know exactly what everything is and where in needs to go when unpacking.

Packing valuables securely and safely

Once you have all your boxes clearly labelled and your valuables ready to pack, you should start packing the heaviest items first. Make sure to use rolled up scrap paper or bubble wrap to fill any gaps between items to prevent any movement while travelling. Once you have a bottom layer, place more paper or bubble wrap over the top and pack the lighter items in, following the same process of filling all gaps with bubble wrap/scrap paper. If you are packing delicate glasses, then it can be worth purchasing special packing cells. These are dividers that will break up a big box into smaller compartments that hold glasses fairly securely and can be found online or may be available from your removal company. Finally, make sure the boxes are securely taped up, double taping if necessary, as this will add integrity to the box and allow it to withstand more knocks and bumps. You can also add tape along the edges of boxes to further reinforce them.

Packing valuables in the removal van

When you pack the removal van, find spots that your valuables can go that limits their movement, but where they don’t have loads of other boxes/furniture piled on top of them. A good way to do this can be to leave the valuables until last when packing room by room, and placing them between any mattresses or soft items and the wall of the van. If you have Finchley professional movers doing the packing for you, then be sure to specify which items are delicate, tell them your labelling system, and be clear about how valuable they are!


Sometimes unforeseen events will act beyond your control and breakages or damage may occur. To protect yourself from this happening, make sure your valuables are insured. You may be able to do this through your standard home insurance, and if not then its always good to check with your removal company and find out what insurance options they have available.

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