The great thing about living in flats is that it usually does not take too much too fill them. Despite the fact that you may have limited space, at least this means that you will have a lot less to move when it comes to the big day! Shifting all of your stuff can be a real nightmare, and having to do a small one may seem to be a bit of a walk in the park; something that you don’t really have to fret over. However, if you are too relaxed about everything, then you may well find that you are in serious trouble of getting stung in the backside at a later date, having not been well enough prepared for the difficulties that come with the process. The best thing that you can do is treat a move of any size with the same attention that you would a large one, as this will then mean that nothing can go wrong because of your oversight, and the whole things should go very smoothly. Doing a small move is usually pretty cheap, as you won’t need to get a full size removals service, but if you are not careful, the positives of this can turn into negatives, as you have to spend money on making up for your mistakes! Small house removals W4 can become a big problem, so have a look at our tips for small removals and make sure that you don’t get caught out!

Start by starting early, and do a fully comprehensive plan of everything that you need to get done. This will mean that you can map out a timetable for the move, listing each task on each day, so that things are all done in time, and you have enough space in the timetable to fit the move around your regular life. You should also have a chance to work out further money saving techniques, and you won’t be rushed into making rash decisions, which can often be the norm when up against the clock and under pressure. With this time table you will have a clear idea as to what is sorted, and what is yet to be done at all times, which is a god send, as it will prevent you from panicking when you don’t know what’s still left to do!

Book your transport for the move. If the move is a small one, you won’t need to use a W4 removals company, but a man and van type service will be extremely useful for you. This type of service will give you the best value in its smaller, independent form, which usually comes in the shape of a man who owns a van and wants to make a bit of extra cash, rather than a larger company, as these outfits will often have more competitive pricing. Look in the internet, or in the local ads for these sorts of van men, and you should be able to get great value for money. For a short move, an hourly rate will often be the cheapest way to do things, but make sure you know the route and the traffic well, as otherwise you may get lost or stuck, and things will get expensive very quickly. Start getting larger items out of your flat before the W4 van man arrives, as this will mean that he is on the clock for less time, and you will be in a good position to make some further savings!

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