There are a couple of ways to look at removals. On one hand, you may feel like your move is at that size where you could do a lot of the work yourself, so it only takes a couple of friends to give you a hand and a rental van, and you’re laughing. On the other hand, there is great value in a company that has so much experience in the field, who can guide you towards making the move a whole load easier for you, in organizational terms as well as heavy lifting. The truth behind expensive Bromley removals firms is that you should never be paying over the odds for a removals company, especially if you are careful about how you select them, and if the lowest price you can get is still too much, then you are perhaps in a position to do the move yourself. There are pitfalls to both sides of the coin. The expense of a removals company is twinned with the fact that everything needs to be done on their schedule, which can make the move quite intensive. If you are doing things by yourself, then you can afford to go at your own pace, but then of course, you will be doing all of the work! We’ll run you through a few hints and tips to make sure that you are getting the best from your move, whichever way you decide to go ahead.

First off, if you are hiring a removals company, do it early. Advance bookings will mean that you potentially make savings, as some companies will be keen to give you a lower rate in order to get your business confirmed, and put them ahead of the competition. If you are lucky enough to get in there at the right time, and find a company who will give you some money off, do not just rush into it because it’s cheaper, as this may mean that you ignore other elements, like the quality of service that you will get from them. You can use online reviews sites to make sure that you are getting a good company in terms of past service, as these sites show a lot about a company’s track record. Watch out for certain traits, like lateness or damages, and you should be able to make a good decision as to the right company for you. The hope is that the company with the best service will be the most accommodating to your needs in terms of budget as well as service, offering options to help you get the price that you need form them.

If you decide to hire a man and van service, then there are certain things that you should certainly look out for as well. You will not have as much experience in the industry as the professionals will, so may lack the training in safety and lifting procedures that you may need in order to make the move a worthwhile one with no accidents and the like. Damages incurred by dropping items can be extremely expensive, so it is worth really taking your time and avoiding rushing as much as possible, as you may well end up doing all the work on the Bromley move, and still spending as much on the process as you would have if you had hired a Bromley removals company! Getting as much stuff outside and ready to load in to the van before it arrives is a great way of reducing the amount of time that you have to pay the driver for, as does working out shortcuts and avoiding traffic!

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