Moving home is all about careful preparation and planning, without this everything could go disastrously wrong.  Regardless of how much you plan, however, there are some things that are outside of your control but could affect how well your move goes.  One of the main things that could affect your move is the weather, living in Watford and even the UK means that we are used to having rain, wind and occasionally some storms or snow, but usually on these days we hide away in our home or office blocks, you will not have the option to do this on moving day.  With this in mind have a think about the things that you can do to prepare for bad weather.  Here are some ideas:

•    Have a look at the weather forecast and see if there is the possibility of rain or snow, high winds or any other adverse weather conditions that may affect you.  You can check this with the MET office, who are most likely the most accurate at forecasting the weather. If it does look like there is a good chance that you could have inches of snow or a massive hurricane on your moving day, you may need to think about rescheduling.

•    Think about the paths leading from your front door and to the removal van, and again from the removal van to your door on your new property.  If you can you should grit these walkways if there is a chance of snow.  If you have a gazebo or something similar you might be able to use this to cover some or all of the pathway, so that if it rains your things are protected under the gazebo.

•    Chat with your removal company to see if they have any contingency plans or things to help you, should you have sever bad weather on removals day. Ask them what would happen if the weather meant you were unable to move, would you be able to reschedule with the company and would you lose out on any money?

•    Keep some warmer and waterproof clothing to hand, so that if the temperature does drop or it does start to rain heavily, you can keep yourself warm and dry.

•    If you have any pets make sure that they are kept as warm and as dry as possible on moving day, moving home is stressful for animals anyway so do everything you can to make them comfortable. If you were to have a thunderstorm on removals day, you may need to stay with your pet in order to keep them calm.

•    Plants should not be left outside to brave the wet, snow or winds, try to keep them covered if they must be placed outside, this covering should be waterproof to avoid your plants from becoming waterlogged.

•    Put the heating and the fire on in your new home, so that if it does start to get cold or wet, you and the movers at least can dry off inside for a bit before continuing with the move. Put curtains up in your new home to help keep the heat in, and get some blankets and towels out ready for anyone who needs to dry off and warm up.

•    Remember to look after your movers during removal day, if you are freezing and in desperate need of a hot drink, it is likely they feel the same way, and if you look after them you will find they are likely to be more helpful and willing to do more than they need to in order to help you settle in.

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