Man and Van

Man and Van
In the number of years that our company has been providing professional and reliable assistance and facilities to our clients, Removal Quote has...

House Removals

House Removals
It doesn’t matter whether you are moving a few doors down the road or to the opposite end of the country, Removal Quote provide all of our...

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Office Removals
Why do you hire a removal company? Well apart from requiring their services and assistance, the key reason for hiring additional help is to take...


Years after completing our first removal, Removal Quote now offer numerous services related to moving and dealing with your belongings. Our...


My experience with Movers London was simply amazing - their fast and seamless service made my house move a breeze! They were punctual, took great care of my belongings, and the team's courteousness left an impression on me. Without a doubt, my go-to moving company now.

  • Jamie J.
  • 05Jan 2024

Thank you to each person who helped make our move a success. Your professionalism was top-notch, and the packing and moving teams exceeded expectations.

  • Ronald
  • 18Dec 2023

As professional moving services go, what London Moving Quotes carried out for me was pretty special. I gave them a lot to handle. It wasn't going to be easy. But they made it look so, and in doing so, massively minimised my stress levels.

  • Sienna D.
  • 20Jul 2023

Professionalism and simplicity have been at the forefront of my dealings with London Moving Quotes - they offered a terrific removal service and I'm delighted with the results.

  • Audrey
  • 05Jul 2023

Spoke to a lovely chap on the phone and got a very fair quote for a pretty big removals job. They're due next week and I can't wait to see how Movers London get on.

  • Dana Friedman
  • 25Apr 2018

Finding a good removals company is the key to taking the stress out of relocating. Let's face it, not many of us can relocate a whole house worth of items on our own. If you cannot drive then hiring a removals vehicle is impossible and we all have things going on in our own lives anyway. However, it always seems the case that no matter how hard we try, finding a professional and reputable removals company just seems like an impossible task. A friend recommended Moving Company to me and I am so glad she did because I am thrilled with the results and the service that I received. Professional, reputable and friendly staff. If and when I relocate again I would not dream of choosing another company.

  • Natalie W.
  • 14Jul 2015

By utilising the safest and most protective means across packing, Movers London ensured that our removals effort was a worthwhile one. After seeing things like bubble wrap and paper padding being used across packing my precious crockery, I felt confident in the staff and knew that everything would be transported safely to my new home. And it was!

  • Jennifer L.
  • 24Jun 2015

Moving house is hard - especially when I have so many books in my possession. I had no idea where I was going to find enough boxes to fit them all in, and without the boxes breaking under the weight. I contacted RemovalQuote to get some advice on this. They were fantastic and gave me the details of where I could get some sturdy moving boxes. It made my life a lot easier and meant that my books were safely packed and transported during the move.

  • Gena C.
  • 14Jan 2015

I wanted professional house movers for my moving day simply because I can't stand moving, and RemovalQuote offered me a great price for their services. I did a lot of research into the company before I hired them and I was really impressed with their online reviews. I didn't imagine I'd be writing one myself, but the company were very impressive, friendly, efficient and excellent at moving. The house moving service that I hired gave me the breathing space that I needed for a stress-free move, and absolutely nothing went wrong on moving day - for the first time in my life!

  • Tina H.
  • 22Oct 2014

I've only moved offices once before and the whole day was a complete nightmare from start to finish. I'd hired a cheap and unprofessional company that had no idea what they were doing, and I wasn't looking to repeat the experience. I spoke to the teams at RemovalQuote before choosing to hire them, and straight away I was impressed by their professionalism and their obvious experience. They were more than prepared for the job, which was quite a big move, and the movers worked really quickly. The results were fantastic and I was in my new office without any problems!

  • Andy F.
  • 07Oct 2014

Knowing full well that the job was too big for us to do ourselves, or with a man and van, we were looking for a smaller, or at least cheaper service for our removal. We found RemovalQuote through a friend, and they turned out to be a lot cheaper than we had found elsewhere, so we went with them. Our friend was right, in that they were very good value for money - a friendly service with a polite staff, who did an incredible job on the day of the move! We would recommend them very highly if you are looking for such a service!

  • Anthony Peterson
  • 10Sep 2014

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